Citylife Confirms Band Lineup for 2018 Garden Fair on 17 November

Chiang Mai Citylife Magazine has just released the band lineup for its annual garden party which is scheduled to take place on the 17th November. The music will kick off at 11:00 and run right through until 21:00. The bands are a mixed bag and will play an eclectic mix of genres. These run right from the Backstabbers’ 1960s favourites to the world music of Tuku Didgeriedoo.

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Shopping and dining opportunities with a difference plus a raffle are the other principal facets of the Citylife Garden Fair. The organisers note that shopping opportunities will be as diverse as the bands with products covering everything from signature Chiang Mai handicrafts and used items to organic delicacies. As in previous years, foodies will be able to enjoy global tastes under the auspices of World Taste.

Income generated by the Garden Fair will be donated to six regional charity organisations. These include the Baan Dek Foundation for disadvantaged youngsters, the Phrao based Bookworm Foundation and the Kindred Spirit Elephant Foundation. The Citylife Garden Fair 2018 is being staged at Boonthavorn Gardens. The garden is adjacent to the Boonthavorn Home Shopping Store and beside Highway 11 in the Saraphi area south of Chiang Mai.