Last Chance for Free Entry to New Chiang Mai Attraction Hinoki Land

A promotion which gives free admission to Chiang Mai Province’s newest tourist attraction, Hinoki Land, is due to finish at the end of the month. Thailand’s themed version of the Land of the Shoguns welcomed its first guests a few weeks ago. As part of the soft opening, the Hinoki management team announced that entry would be free until the 31 October 2018.

Hinoki Land offers retro Japanese experiences in a park and lake setting with pavilions and a tunnel of red arches (torii) looking as if they have been imported from 18th century Japan. As part of the experience, visitors are able to hire kimonos and fake swords before posing for selfies with a decisive difference. Those who do not fancy pretending they are samurai warriors or geisha girls might find shopping for Japanese products or sipping on gourmet coffees suit better.

Hinoki Land’s Hokki Tower is rammed with signature souvenirs from Japan. Silk kimonos with traditional motifs, soft cushions, soaps, spa oils, sun protection cream and various beauty products are among the items on sale at Hokki Tower. Hinoki Land is located in Chai Prakan District and is 125kms north of central Chiang Mai. Although the park is quite a long way, a location right beside Highway 107 makes it a convenient stopover when heading for Doi Ang Khang, Fang or Tha Thon.

From the 1 November 2018, the following entry fees for Hinoki Land will apply. The fee for Thai adults will be THB180 and THB230 for non-Thai tourists. A two-tier system also applies to children as Thai youngsters will have to pay THB50 while foreigners will pay THB70. Hinoki Land is open every day between 08:00 and 17:00. Visit their website for more information here