Ancient Ruins Unearthed at Chiang Mai Yang Guang Temple

Workers restoring a Chiang Mai city temple have unearthed the remains of a much older one on the grounds. The ruins discovered at Wat Yang Guang early last month are believed to be at least 500 years old.  Local officials attached to the Thai National Fine Arts Department are still excavating the ruins.  

The relics unearthed so far include bas relief wall carvings, old brick walls and what look like pedestals for statues. Historians say Wat Yang Guang probably dates back to when King Mengrai founded Chiang Mai more than 700 years ago. They say the ruined temple was likely built sometime between then and the early years of the sixteenth century.

Like many Chiang Mai temples, Yang Guang was abandoned for 300 years until legendary King Mengrai ousted Burmese ruling forces in about 1800. The present renewal of the temple began 10 years ago.  The temple is 10 minutes south on foot from the Old City’s Chiang Mai Gate.

Yang Guang Temple: #14, Soi Nantharam 5, T. Haiya, A. Mae On, Chiang Mai 50130 | Tel: +66 53 206 198-9 | Website | Facebook | Map

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